“Limited financial support was given and the emphasis was on sustainability at the lower levels. Manuals were provided at a cost of 5,000 UShs (£1.20), money that was then collected by the coordinators over the course of the module. Some individuals raised small amounts, 2,000 UShs (50p), from their congregations the previous Sunday to help with the feeding, and in one parish those lay readers with bicycles, roughly half the members, collected and transported the others.” Interview with Rev Henry Mpungu Majwala

Locally sustainable

A defining feature of BUILD is the high impact for minimal cost, particularly when compared with traditional forms of training. To cover the low costs involved in training in situ, the first port of call for resources is the local church and community in which BUILD training is taking place. Time and again BUILD has found that appreciation for the training amongst church members has led to financial contributions and gifts in kind: gifts such as the free use of a venue for training, or a chicken for the trainees to eat for lunch, or funds to cover transport (although in some cases sharing a bicycle has done the job).

BUILD Partners

BUILD does not want to undermine this local ownership and support in any way at all, we want to encourage it. But at the same time we want to do all we can to help the work to grow. As a result BUILD COU encouraged the development of BUILD Partners, which became a registered UK charity, number 1153715, in September 2013. Please visit the BUILD Partners site for more information (http://buildpartners.org/our-story/).