“The Church is very proud of this home grown resource, which we have had such a hand in developing. And we now praise God for the way in which he is using BUILD to strengthen and multiply church leaders in our neighbouring countries and beyond.” The Most Reverend Henry Luke Orombi, Seventh Archbishop, Church of Uganda


If you are interested in using BUILD training please get in touch with BUILD via the contacts noted here and on our other site. The notes below will help guide you as you think more about whether BUILD might be a good fit.

Who can use BUILD?

BUILD is primarily a resource to be put in the hands of those who are already called, recognised and in place, and who have been given responsibility for education and mission in churches, parishes, archdeaconries and dioceses. It provides structures, tools and resources to do the job they have been called to do and are in place to do, but which they do not have time to develop for themselves. The natural coordinators are those who are already in position as vicars or archdeacons or education coordinators or mission directors or other leaders in similar positions.

Is BUILD just for Anglicans?

By development and design the Anglican Church is the home of BUILD. It is a resource that the COU has elected to share with other Anglican provinces in the Great Lakes region. BUILD is a resource that is being shared province to province (and diocese to diocese, given the semi-autonomous nature of dioceses). The Anglican roots of BUILD are not intended to stop the work serving across denominational boundaries. BUILD recognises the ‘one holy catholic and apostolic Church’. It is simply to flag up the primary target group, which it is designed to serve. With permission it may be used with other churches to strengthen their leadership and to foster local fellowship inter-denominationally. As with other permissions this would be for a specific period around an MOU.

Is BUILD accredited?

It is important to stress that BUILD is not a college or an educational establishment that can make nationally recognised, accredited academic awards. While BUILD is not a college or an educational establishment, the BUILD curriculum can, however be used by institutions for their own courses, with the permission of BUILD.  But because of 5.1 that permission does not equate with accreditation and it must be put forward to the appropriate national bodies by academic institutions for accreditation if the institution does not have its own powers. At the formal level BUILD currently has accreditation solely in the form of a Diploma in Biblical Studies, Practical Theology and Leadership Development through Uganda Martyrs Seminary, Namugongo, Uganda. Any further development at the formal level is to be done with the permission of BUILD.

Who supports BUILD?

BUILD is not a mission agency and does not bear responsibility for the support of those who use it. At the time of writing there is only one full-time post in the network, that of the COU’s Provincial BUILD Coordinator. BUILD Partners itself is served by trustees on a voluntary, part-time and spare-time basis, reflecting the philosophy of the main work itself. The responsibility for support thus lies with local churches, parishes, deaconries, archdeaconries, and dioceses, whose personnel use BUILD as a resource.

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