“Jesus' class was always with him as they moved among the people and he used locally available resources; he never looked for sophisticated things. When healing he used spit and mud; whatever was around.” Samuel Mfitumukiza, Church of Uganda

Introducing the BUILD curriculum

The BUILD curriculum is based around ten modules of training. Each of these BUILD training modules is built around four main components, which are reflected in the title of the module. For example, the first module has this title: 2 Timothy and the Pastoral Epistles: Preaching the Gospel & Godly Leadership’. 

The first component is a book of the Bible that gives a focus for the learning – 2 Timothy in the case of Module One.

The second is a related group of Bible books, such as the Pastoral Epistles.

The third is a theme that is central to both the book and to pastoral leadership, such as the task of proclaiming the gospel.

The fourth is a leadership issue that flows out of that book, group of books and theme – in the case of the first module it is the importance of godliness, particularly in the form of integrity.

And each module has four different kinds of learning units.

First, there are those that provide tools for encountering God's word in the context of God's world.

Second, some guide encounters with God’s word in the context of God’s world.

Third, others encourage reflection on God’s word and God’s world to gain wisdom (this type of unit teaches and develops skills of theological reflection on different issues).

Fourth, still others help leaders to take practical action.

That constant movement from encounter to reflection and to action is a constant one in the training, which provides practical training in areas that are essential for local church leaders. The overview of the curriculum gives the titles of all the modules and the units within them.

All the modules are being developed in context through curriculum development workshops, the picture below was taken at the end of one of these workshops.

BUILD Curriculum Development Workshop May 2011

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