“The Church of Uganda is very grateful for the BUILD initiative, which has given us simple, practical and effective tools for equipping our multitude of workers on the ground.” The Most Reverend Henry Luke Orombi, Seventh Archbishop, Church of Uganda

Welcome to BUILD Curriculum – 'training church leaders at the grassroots'

This site houses the training and transformation curriculum of BUILD, which stands for 'Biblical Understanding for In-service Leadership Development'.

BUILD is an in-service training initiative for grassroots pastors and key local church leaders in the global South. It is aimed at those who teach, care for and lead local congregations – not least in serving their local communities. BUILD is designed to help them to do this work more effectively.

The aim of the site is to provide resources for those who are developing BUILD programmes in context. But it also seeks to serve those who are creating their own curriculum and training for pastors and church leaders at the grassroots, which is why the site has the name 'BUILD Curriculum', which cuts both ways.